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2020-12-01 (Online)Uneven Effects of Adverse    Weather Conditions on Participation in Leisure-Time Physical Activities    Across Income Levels 史京晔,王玉婷(学) AM J HEALTH PROMOT
2020-11-24 (Online)Substituting    Human Decision-Making with Machine Learning: Implications for Organizational    Learning Natarajan    Balasubramanian(外),叶阳,Mingtao Xu(外) ACAD MANAGE REV
2020-11-04 温度变化对中国工业生产的影响及其机制分析 杨璐(外),史京晔,陈晓光 经济学(季刊)
2020-11-03 (Online)    Knowledge-Based View of the Use of an Intermediary in New Product    Manufacturing Outsourcing 陈琼,Gülru    Özkan-Seely(外),Shouqiang Wang(外),Aleda Roth(外) DECISION SCI
2020-10-17 国内原油期货与其他金融资产极端风险溢出 马嫣然(外),胡旻(学),张大永,姬强(外) 环境经济研究
2020-10-15 (Online)Spillovers    in Prices: The Curious Case of Haunted Houses Utpal    Bhattacharya(外),黄菊,Kasper Meisner Nielsen(外) REV FINANC
2020-10-14 Systematic causality mapping of factors    leading to accidental falls of older adults 朱虹丽(学),Kun Hu(外),刘世勇,Ho-Cheol    Kim(外),Youfa Wang(外),Qianli Xue(外) Public Health in Practice
2020-10-12 Determinants    of entry: Evidence from new manufacturing firms in the U.S 董羿鳞 GROWTH AND CHANGE
2020-10-05 新冠疫情冲击下中国家庭财富变动趋势 甘犁,路晓蒙,王香(外),周瑞轩(外),李振华(外) 金融论坛
2020-09-24 Tax    incentive, R&D investment and firm innovation: Evidence from China Binbin    Tian(外),余白雪(学),陈实,叶菁菁 Journal of Asian Economics
2020-08-29 Assessment and optimization of    provincial CO2 emission reduction scheme in China An improved ZSG-DEA    approach Mian Yang(外),Yaru Hou(外),姬强(外),张大永 ENERG ECON
2020-08-21 Optimal    emissions tax rates under habit formation and social comparisons 陈应东 ENERG POLICY
2020-08-20 Modeling return and volatility spillover    networks of global new energy companies Jiang-Bo Geng(外),Ya-Juan Du(外),Qiang    Ji(外),张大永 RENEW SUST ENERG REV
2020-08-18 Health    risks of exposure to waste pollution: Evidence from Beijing Hao    Li(外),Huanxiu Guo(外),Naqun Huang(外),叶菁菁 CHINA ECON REV
2020-08-15 Awareness, energy consumption and    pro-environmental choices of Chinese households Xiangyu Li(外),张大永,Tong    Zhang(外),姬强(外),Brian Lucey(外) J CLEAN PROD
2020-08-09 (Online)Patterns    and determinants of intergenerational educational mobility: Evidence across    countries Lee    Hanol,Jong-Wha Lee(外) PAC ECON REV
2020-08-06 Diversification, efficiency and risk of    banks: Evidence from emerging economies 吴季,Limei Chen(外),陈明花,Bang Nam Jeon(外) EMERG MARK REV
2020-08-06 Macro    factors and the realized volatility of commodities: A dynamic network    analysis 胡旻(学),张大永,姬强(外),Lijian    Wei(外) RESOUR POLICY
2020-08-03 Economic uncertainty and bank risk:    Evidence from emerging economies 吴季,姚瑶(学),陈明花,Bang Nam Jeon(外) J INT FINANC MARK I
2020-07-30 疫情下中国家庭财富变动趋势 甘犁,路晓蒙,王香(外),周瑞轩(外),李振华(外) 中国经济报告
2020-07-24 Introduction to the special collection    on life course decisions of families in China 许冰,William A.V. Clark(外),Eric    Fong(外),甘犁(外) DEMOGR RES
2020-07-24 Life-course    and cohort effects on Chinese parents' investments in their children 史京晔,许冰,Yi    Wei(外) DEMOGR RES
2020-07-24 The long-run effects of poverty    alleviation resettlement on child development: Evidence from a    quasi-experiment in China Lue Zhan(外),张吉鹏,卢冲(学) DEMOGR RES
2020-07-20 城市落户门槛与劳动力回流 张吉鹏,黄金(学),王军辉,黄勔 经济研究
2020-07-20 公路基础设施与农业劳动生产率 李涵,滕兆岳(学),伍骏骞 产业经济研究
2020-07-19 How    do carbon prices react to regulatory announcements in China? A genetic    algorithm with overlapping events Xinyuan    Ren(外),张大永,LeiZhu(外),LiyanHan(外) J CLEAN PROD
2020-07-10 Does better access to credit help reduce    energy intensity in China? Evidence from manufacturing firms 张大永,李军(学),姬强(外) ENERG POLICY
2020-07-06 (Online)    The value relevance of fair value and historical cost measurements during the    financial crisis 廖林,Helen    Kang(外),Richard D. Morris(外) ACCOUNT FINANC
2020-07-02 Return migration and Hukou registration    constraints in Chinese cities 张吉鹏,黄金(学),王军辉,Liang Guo(外) CHINA ECONOMIC REVIEW
2020-06-29 Carbon    policies and productivity uncertainty: An intertemporal analysis 陈应东 TECHNOL FORECAST SOC
2020-06-25 Who is affected: Influence of    agricultural land on occupational choices of peasants in China 肖伟,赵国昌 LAND USE POLICY
2020-06-16 区域金融发展如何影响农业信贷与农民创业——基于CHFS的实证研究 董艳,陈秋生,王聪(学) 经济理论与经济管理
2020-06-15 Financial Integration in Asia: A    Systemic Viewon Currency Markets 张大永,Wanli Zhao(外),FeiWu(外),姬强(外) ASIAN ECON PAP
2020-06-15 地方政府教育投入对农村青年劳动力收入水平的影响 肖伟,李春之(学),赵国昌 教育与经济
2020-06-13 The effects of pre-play communication in    a coordination game with incomplete information 胡又欣,John Kagel(外),Huanxing Yang(外),张岚(外) J ECON BEHAV ORGAN
2020-06-11 The    role of China's aid and ODI in the economic growth of African countries 董艳,樊此君(学) EMERG MARK REV
2020-06-06 The Diffusion of Discrete Event    Simulation Approaches in Health Care Management in the Past Four Decades: A    Comprehensive Review 刘世勇,Yan Li(外),Konstantinos P.    Triantis(外),Hong Xue(外),Youfa Wang(外) MDM Policy & Practice
2020-06-04 On    realized volatility of crude oil futures markets: Forecasting with exogenous    predictors under structural breaks Jiawen    Luo(外),Qiang Ji(外),Tony Klein(外),Neda Todorova(外),张大永 ENERGY ECONOMICS
2020-06-03 【online】Life-cycle factors and    entrepreneurship: evidence from rural China 肖伟,Mingqin Wu(外) SMALL BUS ECON
2020-05-29 (Online)Environmental    regulation and foreign direct investment: Evidence from China's outward FDI 董艳,田金寰(学),叶菁菁 FINANC RES LETT
2020-05-26 Estimating the tourism-induced    province-specific environmental Kuznets curve: Evidence from panel analyses    of Chinese provinces 陈应东,黄溢峰 INT J TOUR RES
2020-05-24 Export    expansion and homeownership in China: Evidence from the China Household    Finance Survey 曾婷,Mengkai    Yang(学),李雨浓,姚星 CITIES
2020-05-23 (Online)Air pollution, local bias, and    stock returns Author links open overlay    panelXiaoyaDin(外),郭萌萌,杨涛(学) FINANC RES LETT
2020-05-23 Searching    for safe-haven assets during the COVID-19 pandemic 姬强(外),张大永,Yuqian    Zhao(外) INT REV FINANC ANAL
2020-05-19 (Online)Economic uncertainty or    financial uncertainty? An empirical analysis of bank risk-taking in Asian    emerging markets 吴季,Huimin Li(外),Dazhi Zheng(外),刘小燕 FINANC RES LETT
2020-05-11 Fancy    Bitcoin and conventional financial assets: Measuring market integration based    on connectedness networks 曾婷,杨梦莹(学),Yifan    Shen(外) ECON MODEL
2020-05-04 (Online) Performance Feedback    Persistence: Comparative Effects of Historical Versus Peer Performance    Feedback on Innovative Search 叶阳,Wei Yu(外),Robert Nason(外) J MANAGE
2020-04-20 (Online)    State, market, and family: housing inequality among the young generation in    urban China 牛耕,赵国昌 J HOUS BUILT ENVIRON
2020-04-16 Financial markets under the global    pandemic of COVID-19 张大永,胡旻(学),姬强(外) Finance Research Letters
2020-04-15 房子还是儿子?———房价与出生性别比 康传坤(外),文强(外),楚天舒 经济学(季刊)
2020-04-11 Financial development, natural    disasters, and economics of the Pacific small island states 张大永,Shunsuke Managi(外) Economic Analysis and    Policy
2020-03-31 Identifying    Strategic Traders in China’s Pilot Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme Lei    Zhu(外),Xu Wang(外),张大永 ENERG J
2020-03-28 Are macroeconomic policies better in    curbing air pollution than environmental policies? A DSGE approach with    carbon-dependent fiscal and monetary policies 陈应东 ENERG POLICY
2020-03-26 中国间接税税负归宿研究:汽车市场准自然实验的证据 周波(外),赵国昌 经济研究
2020-03-25 期权激励与企业并购行为 王姝勋(外),董艳 金融研究
2020-03-15 Stock    market response to environmental policies: Evidence from heavily polluting    firms in China 郭萌萌,蒯依澄(学),刘小燕 ECON MODEL
2020-03-14 Endogenous Authority and Enforcement in    Public Goods Games Wooyoung Lim(外),张吉鹏 BE J THEOR ECON
2020-03-03 Regional    renewable energy development in China: A multidimensional assessment 王颖(学),张大永,姬强(外),施训鹏(外) RENEW SUST ENERG REV
2020-02-24 Legal Entitlement And Empowerment Of    Marriage Immigrants In Korea Lee Hanol,Dainn Wie(外) FEM ECON
2020-02-23 Network    optimisation for transporting liquefied natural gas from stations to end    customers 张路平 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH
2020-02-20 Exploring key factors impacting cooling    usage patterns of Chinese urban household based on a large-scale    questionnaire survey Shan Hua(外),Da Yana(外),Bing Dong(外),傅佳莎 ENERG BUILDINGS
2020-02-12 Housing    wealth and labor supply: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design 李涵,Li    Jiangyi(外),Yi Lu(外),Huihua XIe(外) J PUBLIC ECON
2020-02-10 Collaborative optimal carbon tax rate    under economic and energy price shocks: A dynamic stochastic general    equilibrium model approach 陈应东 J CLEAN PROD
2020-02-08 Market    reforms and determinants of import natural gas prices in China 王田田(外),张大永,姬强(外),施训鹏(外) ENERGY
2020-02-05 On the impacts of anticipated carbon    policies: A dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model approach 陈应东 J CLEAN PROD
2020-01-28 Fare    impacts of Southwest Airlines: A comparison of nonstop and connecting flights 任君秋拾 J AIR TRANSP MANAG
2020-01-25 Technological catching up and innovation    policies in China: What is behind this largely successful story? Yanfei Li(外),姬强(外),张大永 TECHNOL FORECAST SOC
2020-01-23 Dependency,    centrality and dynamic networks for international commodity futures prices Fei    Wu(外),Wan-Li Zhao(外),Qiang Ji(外),张大永 INT REV ECON FINANC
2020-01-22 Number of brothers, risk sharing, and    stock market participation 牛耕,Qi Wang(学),李涵,Yang Zhou(外) J BANK FINANC
2020-01-20 交通运输成本与农业机械化 滕兆岳(学),李涵 经济评论
2020-01-07 Financial literacy and retirement    preparation in China 牛耕,Yang Zhou(外),Hongwu Gan(外) PAC-BASIN FINANC J
2020-01-02 我国收入分配研究领域长期深耕之成果集大成——评介陈宗胜教授新著《中国居民收入分配通论》及我们开展的扶贫田野试验 甘犁 南开经济研究
2019-12-06 Financial conditions, health care    provision, and patient outcomes:Evidence from Chinese public hospitals 栾梦娜,Xiang Shao(外),Fengman Dou(外) ECON LETT
2019-12-05 The    impact of legal efficacy on value relevance of the three-level fair value    measurement hierarchy 廖林,Daifei    (Troy) Yao(外),Helen Kang(外),Richard D. Morris(外) PAC-BASIN FINANC J
2019-12-04 Is heterogeneous capital depreciation    important for estimating firmlevel productivity? Evidence from Chinese    manufacturing firms Dong Cheng(外),俞剑(外),张大永,施训鹏(外) Research in International    Business and Finance
2019-12-01 Output    cost of gender discrimination in the Korean labour market Lee    Hanol PAC ECON REV
2019-11-28 Private School Usage in Australia    1975–2010: Evidence from the Household Expenditure Surveys Tue Gørgens(外),Chris Ryan(外),赵国昌 AUST ECON REV
2019-11-26 Child‑raising    cost and fertility from a contest perspective 许冰,PAK    Maxmell PUBLIC CHOICE
2019-11-19 Corporate Social Responsibility and    Financial Fraud: Evidence from China 廖林,Guanting Chen(外),Dengjin Zheng(外) ACCOUNT FINANC
2019-11-19 Did    the communists contribute to China’s rural growth? 陆毅(外),栾梦娜,Tuan-Hwee    Sng(外) EXPLOR ECON HIST
2019-11-15 Power and publications in Chinese    academia Ruixue Jia(外),Huihua Nie(外),肖伟 J COMP ECON
2019-11-15 小微企业增值税起征点提高实施效果评估——来自中国小微企业调查(CMES)数据的分析 甘犁,秦芳,吴雨 管理世界
2019-11-14 Cloud-based frameworks for the    integrated process planning and scheduling 张路平,Chunxia Yu(外),T.N.Wong(外) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF    COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING
2019-11-01 Does    gender inequality affect household green consumption behaviour in China? Li,    Jiajia(外),Zhang, Jian(外),张大永,Ji, Qiang(外) ENERG POLICY
2019-10-30 Competition and favoritism in bank loan    markets Hua Cheng(外),李雪,董艳,Shusen Qi(外) PAC-BASIN FINANC J
2019-10-28 Bubbles    and house price dispersion in the United States during 1975–2017 Yang    Tang(外),曾婷,Shenghao Zhu(外) J MACROECON
2019-10-21 Impacts of China-US trade conflicts on    the energy sector Xia, Yan(外),Kong, Yishu(外),Ji,    Qiang(外),张大永 CHINA ECON REV
2019-10-15 High    Daytime and Nighttime Temperatures Exert Large and Opposing Impacts on Winter    Wheat Yield in China 陈晓光,Tian,    Guoping(学),Qin, Zhilong(学),Bi, Xiang(学) WEATHER CLIM SOC
2019-10-15 Hierarchy Leadership and Social Distance    in Charitable Giving 张吉鹏,Xie, Huan(外) SOUTH ECON J
2019-10-15 Running    With a Mask? The Effect of Air Pollution on Marathon Runners' Performance 郭萌萌,Fu,    Shihe(外) J SPORT ECON
2019-10-13 Financial literacy and formal credit    accessibility: Evidence from informal businesses in China 徐娜娜(学),史京晔,荣昭(外),袁燕(外) FINANC RES LETT
2019-09-28 Connectedness    and risk spillovers in China’s stock market: A sectoral analysis Fei    Wu(外),张大永,张志伟(学) ECON SYST
2019-09-22 Opportunities and challenges of using    big data for global health Peng Jia(外),Hong Xue(外),刘世勇,Hao    Wang(外),Lijian Yang(外),Therese Hesketh(外),Lu Ma(外),Hongwei Cai(外),Xin    Liu(外),Yaogang Wang(外),Youfa Wang(外),刘世勇 Science Bulletin
2019-09-15 Legal    Systems, National Governance and Renewable Energy Investment: Evidence from    Around the World Liu    Jia(外),张大永,蔡竞,Davenport, John(外) BRIT J MANAGE
2019-09-15 Socio-economic development and    electricity access in developing economies: A long-run model averaging    approach Zhang, Tong(外),Shi, Xunpeng(外),张大永,Xiao,    Junji(外) ENERG POLICY
2019-09-15 Social-media    and intraday stock returns: The pricing power of sentiment Broadstock,    David C(外),张大永 FINANC RES LETT
2019-09-12 The Environmental Impacts and Optimal    Environmental Policies of Macroeconomic Uncertainty Shocks: A Dynamic Model    Approach 陈应东 Sustainability
2019-09-12 Optimal    Environmental Tax Rate in an Open Economy with Labor Migration—An E-DSGE    Model Approach 陈应东 Sustainability
2019-09-09 Asymmetric and extreme influence of    energy price changes on renewable energy stock performance Xia, Tongshui(外),Ji, Qiang(外),张大永,Han,    Jinhong(外) J CLEAN PROD
2019-09-04 Market    power and risk-taking of banks: Some semiparametric evidence from emerging    economies 吴季,郭萌萌,陈明花,Bang    Nam Jeon(外) EMERG MARK REV
2019-08-15 A multidimensional measure of energy    poverty in China and its impacts on health: An empirical study based on the    China family panel studies 张大永,Li, Jiajia(外),Han, Phoumin(外) ENERG POLICY
2019-08-09 中国影子银行规模及其影响因素研究 张蕾(外),浦正宁(外),傅佳莎 统计与决策
2019-08-01 Does Foreign Degree Pay? The Return to    Foreign Education in China 郭萌萌,Yaxin Zhang(学),叶菁菁 REV DEV ECON
2019-07-15 Banking    reform and industry structure: Evidence from China 叶菁菁,Zhang,    Aoyang(学),董艳 J BANK FINANC
2019-07-15 Does Bank Competition Alleviate    Financing Constraints in China? Further Evidence From Listed Firms Zhang, Zhiwei(学),张大永,Brada, Josef    C(外),Kutan, Ali M(外) EMERG MARK FINANC TR
2019-07-15 户籍制度改革与城市落户门槛的量化分析 张吉鹏,卢冲(学) 经济学(季刊)
2019-07-03 When the wind blows: spatial spillover    effects of urban air pollution in China 陈晓光,叶菁菁 J ENVIRON PLANN MAN
2019-06-15 Spillovers    between oil and stock returns in the US energy sector: Does idiosyncratic    information matter? Ma,    Yanran(外),张大永,Ji, Qiang(外),Pan, Jiaofeng(外) ENERG ECON
2019-06-15 A bibliometric analysis on green    finance: Current status, development, and future directions 张大永,Zhang, Zhiwei(学),Managi, Shunsuke(外) FINANC RES LETT
2019-06-15 The    Impact of Social Awareness and Lifestyles on Household Carbon Emissions in    China Li,    Jun(学),张大永,Su, Bin(外) ECOL ECON
2019-06-15 Economic policy uncertainty in the US    and China and their impact on the global markets 张大永,Lei, Lei(外),Ji, Qiang(外),Kutan,    Ali(外) ECON MODEL
2019-06-10 A    study of the Petroleum Trade Network of Countries along “The Belt and Road    Initiative” 张弛(外),傅佳莎,浦正宁(外) J CLEAN PROD
2019-06-03 Regional spillover and rising    connectedness in China's urban housing prices 张大永,Fan, Gang-Zhi(外) REG STUD
2019-05-29 How    does the Chinese economy react to uncertainty in international crude oil    prices? Cheng,    Dong(外),Shi, Xunpeng(外),Yu, Jian(外),张大永 INT REV ECON FINANC
2019-05-21 投资者关注度和股票市场--以PM2.5概念股为例 杨涛(学),郭萌萌 金融研究
2019-05-15 Is    the decline of active travel to school unavoidable by-products of economic    growth and urbanization in developing countries? Yong    Yang(外),Hong Xue(外),刘世勇,Youfa Wang(外) SUSTAIN CITIES SOC
2019-05-15 Financialization, fundamentals, and the    time-varying determinants of US natural gas prices Wang, TianTian(学),张大永,Broadstock, David    Clive(外) ENERG ECON
2019-05-15 Financial    conditions and economic growth Inekwe,    John Nkwoma(外),金一,Valenzuela, Maria Rebecca(外) INT REV ECON FINANC
2019-05-15 Temperature and industrial output:    Firm-level evidence from China 陈晓光,Yang, Lu(学) J ENVIRON ECON MANAG
2019-05-15 The    impact of OPEC on East Asian oil import security: A multidimensional analysis Ji,    Qiang(外),Zhang, Haiying(外),张大永 ENERG POLICY
2019-05-15 How much does financial development    contribute to renewable energy growth and upgrading of energy structure in    China? Ji, Qiang(外),张大永 ENERG POLICY
2019-05-15 Green    innovation and firm performance: Evidence from listed companies in China 张大永,Rong,    Zhao(外),Ji, Qiang(外) RESOUR CONSERV RECY
2019-05-15 The effectiveness of regulations and    technologies on sustainable use of crop residue in Northeast China Lingling Hou(外),陈晓光,Lena Kuhn(外),Jikun    Huang(外) ENERG ECON
2019-04-23 Corporate    fraud, risk avoidance, and housing investment in China 牛耕,余莉(学),樊纲治(外),张栋浩 EMERG MARK REV
2019-04-16 The impact of uncertainty on the number    of businesses Ghosal, Vivek(外),叶阳 Journal of Economics and    Business
2019-04-02 竞争与效率--基于我国区域性商业银行的实证研究 张大永,张志伟(学) 金融研究
2019-03-29 Dynamic transmission mechanisms in    global crude oil prices: Estimation and implications 张大永,Ji, Qiang(外),Kutan, Ali(外) ENERGY
2019-03-20 资源型城市转型政策实施效果评价——基于PSM-DID方法 傅佳莎,浦正宁(外),蔡轩(外) 环境经济研究
2019-03-15 Pre-communication in a coordination game    with incomplete information Zhuozheng Li(外),Huanxing Yang(外),张岚 INT J GAME THEORY
2019-03-15 Do    seasoned offerings improve the performance of issuing firms? Evidence from    China Liu,    Jia(外),Wu, Yuliang(外),Ye, Qing(外),张大永 INT REV FINANC ANAL
2019-03-15 Communication and the Optimality of    Hierarchy in Organizations Huanxing Yang(外),张岚 J LAW ECON ORGAN
2019-03-15 China's    crude oil futures: Introduction and some stylized facts Ji,    Qiang(外),张大永 FINANC RES LETT
2019-03-15 A group decision making sustainable    supplier selection approach using extended TOPSIS under interval-valued    Pythagorean fuzzy environment Chunxia Yu(外),Yifan Shao(外),Kai    Wang(外),张路平 EXPERT SYST APPL
2019-03-15 A    quantitative analysis of Hukou reform in Chinese cities: 2000–2016 张吉鹏,Ru    Wang(学),Chong Lu(学) GROWTH CHANGE
2019-03-08 Effect of religious priming in prosocial    and destructive behaviour 张吉鹏,Elizabeth Brown(外),Huan Xie(外) PAC ECON REV
2019-02-24 Subsidized    overexpansion of Chinese firms Han,    Miao(外),张大永,Bi, Xiaogang(外),Huang, Wei(外) INT REV FINANC ANAL
2019-02-15 官僚体制与协商民主建设——基于中国地方官员协商民主认知的实证研究 林雪霏(外),周敏慧(外),傅佳莎 公共行政评论
2019-02-07 Income    inequality, financial flows and political institution: sub‑Saharan African    financial network John    Nkwoma Inekwe(外),金一,Maria Rebecca Valenzuela(外) EMPIR ECON
2019-02-06 A blockchain-based service composition    architecture in cloud manufacturing Chunxia Yu(外),张路平,Wenfan Zhao(外),Sicheng    Zhang(外) INT J COMPUT INTEG M
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